A feature film presented by Humble Pictures in association with the Shooting Gallery.

First hand accounts from the artists, galleries and collectors who started and continue the new american art movement.

Pop Surrealism and Low Brow is a wide spread populist art movement with origins in Low Brow art, underground comix, punk music, hotrod street culture, Kustum culture, Street Art, Graffiti, Graphic Design, Tattoo, Surf Culture, Tiki Culture and other California sub-cultures.

This is not a current version of Modern Pop Art. This a new movement, a new thinking in the art world. These are the artists that will inspire a new generation.

Just as artists from the expressionist, Ab-Ex and Pop Art periods their importance was unrealised until many years after they were "discovered". Most of the public has already seen these new artists through their other work, ad campaigns, tshirts, album covers and graphic design.

Watch as this new movement rises from the streets and into the galleries.


Featuring interviews with

Van Arno
Anthony Ausgang
Shawn Barber
Glenn Barr
Gary Baseman
Tim Biskup
Andrew Brandou
Paul Chatem

Colin Christian
SAS Christian
Copro/Nason Gallery
Corey Helford Gallery
Mike Davis
Ron English
Shepard Fairey
Erik Foss
Helen Garber
Camille Rose Garcia
Mike Giant
Henoch Gallery
Hi Fructose Magazine
Jim Houser
Silvia Ji

Eric Joyner
Juxtapoz Magazine
Jacaeber Kastor
Merry Karnowsky Gallery
Yumiko Kayukawa
Charlie Krafft
Jonathan LeVine Gallery
Francesco LoCastro
Travis Louie
Carlo McCormick
Liz McGrath
Anne Faith Nicholls
Opera Gallery
Roq LaRue
Billy Shire Fine Arts
The Shooting Gallery
Isabel Samaras
Thinkspace Gallery
White Walls
Robert Williams

and more...

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